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The Jewellerists 

The Bespoke Keepsake Jewellery Atelier

Everyday treasures | Keepsakes | Bespoke designs 

Jewellery is the most personal of statements - a commemoration of a lifelong commitment, a declaration of independence, a flight of whimsy or simply pure indulgence... Whatever the reason or occasion, nothing is more enduring or more meaningful than a piece of lovingly-crafted jewellery. That's what we believe and that's what inspired The Jewellerists. We design and craft unique, personal pieces that reflect who you are and what you want to say. It could be an everyday piece like a personal lucky charm on a chain, a special gift to celebrate a milestone or a one-of-a-kind bedazzler. 

The Jewellerists is the culmination of a life-long love affair with jewellery, a burning passion that made a dream into reality in year 2012. Set in the quirky, hipster enclave of Publika Sopping Gallery, The Jewellerists is poised to seduce and entice all and sundry with luscious baubles, precious trinkets and elegant bling.


Always in-store, there are the ever-popular lines of Explore - an androgynous collection with clean, bold designs; New Age Pearls - edgy pearl jewellery for chic urbanites; and the Asteria - an eclectic yet classic range for the contemporary woman.

Of course, we also customize designs for clients who prefer an individual take on their jewellery. Come in for a chat, bring your inspiration and together we can create that perfect piece for you.

We believe that every piece of jewellery tells a story about its proud owner. Be it an engagement ring choked full of happy memories; the weathered bracelet that is part of your endearing family heirloom; or even the casual earrings-necklace set you wear everyday that says so much about you.

This is our story

Everyone deserves to be fabulous
As we herald in the new era of customisation, we hereby present to you our concept of exclusive jewellery. We are a team of professional jewellers and jewellery artists specialised in delivering personalised products and services. With the Jewellerists, you are the designer, we are the facilitators to help create your dream bling. Everyone deserves to be fabulous, have it your own way.

We offer

Personalised jewellery tailored to your style and budget
Personalised designs handcrafted from premium materials such as gemstones, pearls and precious metals tailored to your style and budget.


The emotion instilled in a piece of jewellery designed by a parent, a spouse, or by yourself is simply beyond the justification of dollar and cent.